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November update

11 Nov 2013 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

Today I did my last rollerski workout of this year. This is it. Skating around the fun and twisty rollerski loop in Mont-Ste-Anne, I could hardly contain my joy for what’s to come. First, skiing in the beautiful Rocky Mountain landscapes of Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise (oh mountains I missed you so much!). Then at the end of November I will be making the pilgrimage to Scandinavia and later on to Central Europe for more than 4 months of World Cup racing, with the Olympics sandwiched two-thirds into the season. This is going to be an incredible winter and with so much race action packed in, I fear the season will fly by way too the fast.

Amazingly, I’ve never felt as confident about my ability and fitness level as I do this time of year compared to years past. All the psychology work with Richard must be paying off. Or perhaps it’s the confidence, gained in workouts where my lactate levels were reading 15 and even 18, (or during the following hours spent on the couch, dead to the world, recovering and processing what I had just accomplished). I must like pain and physical torture!

Like a kid waiting for Christmas, I am beyond excited to put on my brand new lycra suit, pull on a race bib and strap on my trusty Rossignols. I belong to a great team and privileged to work with outstanding coaches*. Ninety percent of the training prep is done, the race registrations have been send off, and my grandma is paying someone in her local church to pray daily for my good health. I’m amazed this service exists in Russia. Perhaps I should send her some money with a request to add a daily prayer for finding me a nice husband.

Thank you for reading!

Chris Rozdilsky and Paulo Saldahnna with B2ten in Montreal, Charles Castonguay and Francois Pepin with CNEPH in Mont-Ste-Anne, Eric de Nys and Justin Wadsworth with the National Ski Team in Canmore and of course, the one and only Louis Bouchard, who is simply everywhere.

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